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Jun 04 2009


I’m in the middle of Induction and yesterday they gave us some statistics to chew on.
I’ll throw this one out:
The 2009 America’s Promise Alliance study ranked Indianapolis 50th out of the nations 50 largest cities in terms of graduation rate (it’s under 50% in IPS).
When you hear a number like that, it’s…. overwhelming, angering, and perplexing; overwhelming to think of how many students won’t walk away from high school with a diploma, angering and perplexing to think that this is something nobody has really talked about, because there are numbers like this across the country!
BUT it is AMAZING to be in a room full of passionate, driven, highly ambitious young adults who are driven further by numbers like that, but more so the students represented by those numbers. For all the reasons humanity (and the education system) isn’t quite perfect, having 50-something hearts that break for students like they…

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May 30 2009

On reading

For anyone who wants to read something that will make you perplexed, angry, and enlightened (mainly about education in the United States and how far from perfect it currently is)…. Anything by Jonathan Kozol, for example: Savage Inequalities. Ordinary Resurrections. Amazing Grace. Rachel and Her Children. One Day All Children by Wendy Kopp. 36 Children…

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May 26 2009

Count down-ing

May 31st I am driving off toward Indy for Induction, Institute, and Orientation before coming back to finish packing and officially leave toward the end of July. The reactions that people have given me (after a short explanation of Teach for America and going to Indy) are, to say the least, extremely diverse. It’s interesting…

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